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Château de Valençay, pride of the Val de Loire

Chateau de Valancay

One of the must-visit châteaux de la Loire, the Château de Valençay and its charming grounds.

The Château de Valençay is one of 22 châteaux de la Loire. The architecture blends Renaissance and Classic styles, reflecting its history dating right back to the 10th century! It used to belong to the Estampes family, then the prince of Talleyrand, and boasts fabulous grounds stretching across 53 hectares.

Don’t miss out on the Duchess’s Garden with its terraced flower beds overlooking Nahon Valley, the deer roaming through the grounds and the 300 herb species grown in the Château de Valençay gardens.

Visit: €14
Château de Valençay
2, rue de Blois
36600 Valençay
Tel. +33 (0)2 54 00 10 66