We look forward welcoming you January 3rd in order to taste the winter menu.

restaurant amarys chateauroux

Restaurant Amarys

Serving local produce

Boasting the Master Restaurateur label, the Restaurant Amarys at the Sure Hotel by Best Western Châteauroux has drawn up a creative, mouth-watering menu featuring local delicacies

Giving pride of place to Berry and the region

Take advantage of your stay at the Sure Hotel by Best Western in Châteauroux to check out Berry’s gastronomic heritage. The chef at the Restaurant Amarys draws inspiration from the passing seasons and local producers of jam and honey, cold meats, meat and cheese, Berry lentils and oil, wine from Quincy and Sancerre, and bubbly Loire valley wine.
Food is served on porcelain from the famous Manufacture de Pillivuyt.

Lunch is served from 12.00 noon to 2.00 pm and dinner from 7.00 to 9.00 pm, Monday to Friday in the Amarys dining room decked out in clean contemporary lines. For a quick lunch- or dinner, you can snack in the TV lounge or call on room service. In warm weather, the Restaurant Amarys also serves food on the pleasant terrace of the Sure hôtel by Best Western Châteauroux in Poinçonnet.

The Restaurant Amarys menu

Menu – Carte

2 dishes 26€

Starter + Main Dish or Main Dish + Dessert


3 dishes 30€

Starter + Main Dish + Dessert


Formule Express Lunch

16.90€ or 19.90€

Children’s Menu

Price = child’s age

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entrées restaurant amarys châteauroux


  • Soup of the moment with seasonal vegetables,
  • Nice slice of terrine from the house with farm rabbit, pickles from Martin Pouret, Orléans
  • Scallop carpaccio with citrus fruits, white bean hummus and roasted hazelnuts +3€
  • Caesar salad, salad, grilled chicken fillet, croutons, parmesan shavings, Caesar sauce
  • Starter of the moment, according to the season
plats restaurant chateauroux

Main dishes

Cold dishes

  • Giant Caesar salad, sucrine lettuce, fillet of grilled chicken, croutons, shavings of parmesan and Caesar sauce

Hot dishes

  • Fillet of black pollack cooked on the skin , Paris mushroom duxelles and seasonal vegetables
  • Salmon cutlet with sorrel, Nicolas potatoes, steamed
  • Beef Tartare, raw or just seared, homemade fries
  • Chicken supreme with morels and yellow wine, mashed potato with truffle oil
  • Grilled beef tenderloin 200g, mushroom sauce, homemade fries, supplement + € 4
  • Burger, buns, minced steak, cheddar, red onions, texan sauce, salad and homemade french fries
  • The dish of the moment, sometimes hot, sometimes cold, always home-cooked
desserts restaurant chateauroux

Cheese and dessert

  • Plate of two 100% local goat cheeses, from Odile and Sébastien Floury, Gargilesse, Berry
  • Plate of two 100% local cowcheeses, Gaec La chaume cheeses with son-in-law
  • Faisselle Rians, with fresh herbs and shallots or sweetened with red fruit jam
  • Dark chocolate mousse according to Pierre H.
  • Citrus and Fresh Fruit Salad, a Muscovado Sugar Tile
  • Apple and pear with vanilla and muesli crumble, mascarpone whipped cream
  • The dessert of the moment, to be discovered on the chalkboard, we favor seasonal products

Maitre Restaurateur,
The ambassador of home-made and local culture

Restaurant Amarys and its teams are committed to a charter of good culinary practices :


  • Homemade cuisine from raw products
  •  The choice of products is based on origin, seasonality and quality
  • Made in Berry is a priority, as is responsible agriculture
  • Highlighting the origin of products and their partners
  • Developing the zero waste approach in the kitchen every day


Among the selection of partners of the restaurant Amarys :


  • Bakerie Autissier –  36000 Châteauroux
  • Jams, coulis : Confitures Collines– 23320 Saint Vaury
  • Honey : La ruche Martin – 36130 Montierchaume
  • Oils : Vigean – 36700 Clion
  • Goat cheese : La grande lande – 36190 Gargilesse Dampierre
  • Cow cheese : La chaume aux gendres – 36230 Buxieres d’Aillac
  • Fishes, rillettes : Fish Brenne –  36300 Pouligny-Saint-Pierre
  • Meats : La Robinerie, 36230 Buxieres d’Aillac
produits made in Berry